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The Marriott Heart Foundation (MHF) was incorporated by our late Co-Founder, Dr. Henry J. L. Marriott and his partner Jonni Cooper in 1996 in Naples, FL to provide Cardiology Courses for all Cardiac Caregivers, and to develop Standards of Education and Practice for non-Physician Cardiac Professionals.

Dr. Marriott

Our favorite picture of Dr. Marriott below sums up the eloquent style he was so famous for, as he walked into a conference hall full of physicians and nurses and started his lecture on electrocardiography with these words: "Ladies and Gentlemen, the heart writes a best seller, learn to read it well."


​For those of you who did not have the opportunity to meet or sit through a course taught by Dr. Marriott, best known as the “Father of Modern Electrocardiography.”  He taught cardiac professionals on all but one continent of the world, published over a dozen textbooks in cardiology and wrote over a hundred journal articles in cardiology; his books were translated into multiple languages impacting education and patient care on a global scale.

PictureWant to really learn Electrocardiography from the Master, then Read This:  Dr. Henry J. L. Marriott Published Practical Electrocardiography through eight editions before retiring the book to Dr. Galen Wagner, of Duke University Medical Center for its 9th and subsequent editions. Though Dr. Wagner did a good job of making it his book, it ceased to have the eloquent and easy writing style that was classic of Dr. Marriott’s works.  

Therefore, we still highly recommend you do frequent online searches to try and get a copy of the 8th edition of Practical Electrocardiography, since little has changed in ECG interpretation since his 8th edition. They may range from $2.50 to $190 depending on the seller.  Happy hunting and reading. 

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