Marriott Heart Foundation (MHF) has developed several key courses for cardiovascular professionals to guide their study Cardiology and Electrocardiography independently. These courses are suitable for cardiac nurses and nurse practitioners, cardiac physician assistants, cardiac monitor and ECG technicians, and medical students and cardiology fellows. 

Take your competence to a level that most of your peers can’t compete with!  This is the start of a whole new chapter for your career!

Basic ECG Introduction Video

Expand your horizons to meet your ambitions and career aspirations!

12- Lead ECG Course Video

Why not become an expert?  We offer the finest, most complete course in Advanced Electrocardiography!

Advanced Electrocardiography Into Video

Expand your horizons to meet your ambitions and career aspirations the the course made specifically for you!

Cardiovascular Nursing Course

Prepare for your board certification from ABCM or other certification providers.

Clinical Cardiology Course (CVNP)

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To register for one of these courses, you will first need you to fill out the mandatory application form; do not leave any information requested even if you feel it is irrelevant. Once the application is approved, course materials will be emailed to the personal email provided. Keep in mind that the materials are copyrighted by the author and therefore you may not share the course files with a third party or use them for your own personal gain. If you agree to the rules of purchase stated here, please proceed to with your purchase. Once materials are sent out by internet, there are no refunds, so be sure you do due diligence to the product being purchases. Call anytime or email us for any questions.